Helloooo Everyone!

I am super excited for Senior Seminar this fall! I am mainly going to be working with acrylics, so if you find any interesting painters out there that I haven’t posted about let me know 🙂

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Senior Seminar woot woot!
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2 Responses to Helloooo Everyone!

  1. artloverbennie says:

    Hello Michelle,

    This is Ben, the collage artist you wrote about. Thanx! How could one get in touch? there’s more you must know about!


    • Hey Benon,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed what I wrote! When I found your work on artistaday I found it breathtaking. The one discouraging thing was that I couldn’t find more of your pieces online! You are welcome to email me at Michelle.Vaughan.08@cnu.edu. I’m currently a senior in college pursuing my studio degree and I would love to see more of your pieces!
      -Michelle Vaughan

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