Peter Doig

"Pink Snow"

Peter Doig is a contemporary artist who finds his inspiration from landscapes. He mainly works with oils on canvas and the majority of his most famous works are from the 1990’s.  The thing that struck me the most about his work was his mark making. I found his work browsing through the museum of modern art and came across a work of his known as “Pink Snow”. He was able to create a calm, cohesive landscape even with his multidude of spots and lines across the canvas. In another work found in the website above called “The architects home in the ravine” once again he was able to glaze of his entire work with a series of marks that do not overwhelm the painting.

     Even though I am leaning more towards focusing my work on figures I know I love to produce works with obvious mark making when possible. It’s difficult to find a balance of how many details make a work too busy versus too dull and, I found that Doig did a fantastic job throughout his work. His use of color is also something that caught my eye. For example, in his work “Orange Sunshine” he produced a piece with completely warm tones in what the viewer would expect to see a cool setting. When one sees a ski slope we immediately revert to seeing more blues, whites, and other cool hues however, his bright use of color resonates a sense of comfort and, warmth.


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