Christopher Nolasco


     Nolasco is a mixed media artist centered in Los Angeles California. He creates portraits or ordinary figures in everyday activites, however it’s his style that really brings them to life. I think the thing I found most intriguing is that he is able to produce unfinished works that still look complete. Some of his work focuses on famous athletes, leaders, and celebreties as his main subjects.

    The thing about Christopher Nolasco’s work that truly caught my eye was his use of mixed media. I have always enjoyed mixed media and I think he does a fantastic job at combining his materials. The collection of his that I found most intruiging was his concentration on “Women”. I have also enjoyed working from figures however, especially women. One work that really caught my eye was his piece “Perfume” He relied on a limited palette of colors however, his use of watercolor made it possible for him to create a wide variety of colors by manipulating the amount of water used. The figure’s face shows a complete form whereas, scattered brushstrokes are placed throughout the rest of the painting to create a sort of movement. You can also see the charcoal he incorporates through this piece to identify thick lines around the figure. Overall this painting is defenitly my favorite out of all of his works.


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