George Yepes


       George Yepes is an artist who settled in the heart of Los Angeles. His work revolves around creating portraits in acrylics however, he is also typically commissioned to work on murals. Since figures and acrylics are both the medium, and subject of what I plan to produce I thought I would investigate more about his work.  Much of his work is very religious and focused around Christianity, espescially his murals. In his work he is able to capture the realism of the figure while, still maintaining his own style. As I looked through his website though, I became bored of the countless portraits created face on. It wasn’t until I found a section called “Acrylic on Paper” that I became intruiged.

     These works show his style of painting. Thick large brushstrokes, with heavy paint stacked layer upon layer. His works that really inspired me were both of the “Moon Series” pieces. The more he abstracts his figures the more beautiful and colorful the pieces become. I love how it’s apparent that his brushstrokes produce a sense of movement and that each paitning just seems to capture a quick moment. However, this sense of motion and instantaneous change is not apparent in his other works that are perhaps not as simplified.


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