Francesca DiMattio

     Francesca DiMattio takes on the attributes of a collage artist while she paints. From a distance her works look like they are made up of multiple types of media such as, photographs, pen and ink, and oil paint. However, she solely works from oils. She’s able to manipulate oil paints so well that she can create what looks like a mixed media collage from just one form of media. Her works are incredibly busy, made up of geometric shapes, and almost every color imaginable she still is able to keep her busy pieces cohesive.

     I am in love with her work “Broken Arch”. I can’t quite wrap my head around what the architecture would’ve looked like in real life. Each person sees her work differently, and that’s why it’s so interesting. Her work “Tunnel” is another one I find fascinating, and at the same time completley chaotic. She’s able to combine both geometric and free flowing forms in this piece to work together throughout the five panels. To me this work reminds me of a dream. It’s almost as though I could see down three seperate hallways or rooms at the same time.

    I know in some of my works I like to have a lot going on in the painting. From DiMattio hopefully I can reflect her ability to create a unique, even busy composition that is still cohesive and impressive. I would love to include mixed media in my figures I plan to create however, this is a new approach I never considered. Instead of dealing with other media, I could create a seemingly mixed media work solely with acrylics. This artist has given me a lot to consider when it comes to my own work.

"Broken Arch"


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