Martin Kippenberger

"Untitled" Self Portrait

      Mark Kippenberger was a contemporary artist whose art career took off during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Unlike most of the artists I’ve researched, one of his main reasons behind becoming an artist was due to his other failed attempts at other careers. Kippenbergers main purpose in creating art was to rip off the beautiful facade that art work presented and, show it in its true, and sometimes, unnatural form.

     He created self portraits that reflected a very over exaggerated view of his imperfections. Instead of covering up flaws in his boday and skin, he emphasized them to show the true physical characteristics that made him who he was. In almost every self portrait he is the brighteset part of the composition, and there alwyas seems to be some sort of balloon he seems to be interacting with.

     The thing I find to be most interesting about his work is the fact that he doesn’t seem to have just one style when it comes to painting. Throughout his career he was able to jump from abstract art, to surrealism, back to realism he was never content on one style. For example, in his work “Untitled” created in 1983 he produced a very realistic oil painting of two men on a bar crawl. This work was created with muted colors, and a relaxed atmosphere while at the same time he was able to produce works like “Lonesome?” A very abstracted , bright, and loud self portrait. Then during the 1990’s he created works that read as somewhat surrealistic in his color usage, and placement of objects, and people.


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