Kate Breakey



While taking computer art this past semester I focused one of my projects around the work of Maggie Taylor. She creates portraits that resemble cheerful storybook illustrations however, when the viewer looks closer they see something irregular about the piece. Many of her works contain an unsettling, unrealistic, figure where one part of him or her is out of place. Simlarily Kate Breakey’s work read in the same way.

     When first looking at Breakey’s work I saw a beautiful painting of a bird, a sweet love scene, or an innocent rabbit. However, it isn’t until I stumbled across her detailed recreations of skulls and animal remains that I realized she was painting roadkill. Breakey takes photographs of roadkill and revamps them through panting over top of the pieces with oils. She is able to create an imaginary world and give life to these dead creatures. The way Breakey is able to preserve the life of these creatures by altering a simple photograph amazes me.The fact that Breakey is able to use simple compositions, and subject matter and, is still able to create a compelling piece of work truly reflects how talented she is.

      What I plan to take from Breakey’s work is her amazing eye for both texture and, color.  She creates an atmosphere that is both somewhat realistic and, still somewhat imaginary.


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