Jacek Yerka


This surrealist reminds me of a certain artist who dealt with clocks in the past. Hmmm I wonder who?

"The Walking Lesson"

Jacek Yerka is a Polish artist mainly who mainly works from acrylics. It wasn’t until he attended college that he began his painting. Ironically enough he was dead set on working as realistic as possible until he was pushed to create more abstract, surrealistic works. However, it wasn’t until 1980 that he truly began to make a career out of his works.
 He begins most of his works with a simple pencil sketch that turns into a crayon piece, then transforms into a pastel work, and finally after 4 layers of planning he begins to place acrylics onto his work. He enjoys painting fantasy worlds. In some of his works he includes fantastical architecture, and subjects, while in others he simply creates a work that defies the laws of gravity. It’s obvious the passion he must have for what he creates. All of his works are fairly similar in style and include tiny details that reflect his craftsmanship. I’m assuming one of his influences has to be Salvador Dali because, I see so many similarities between their works.
One of my favorite pieces of his would have to be “Autumn”. The small rooms inside the trees, and display of colors of high contrast sets a mood through this work. While the unrealistic depiction of everything leaves me a bit unsettled, I still get the comforting  feeling of a warm summer night from this piece. From Yerka I plan to apply his use of atmosphere to create a certain mood through his use of color, and application of light. Also I plan to attempt some surrealistic sketches just to see what I can come up with.



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