Jenny Saville

     “Bodies fascinate me. I find having the framework of a body essential. Having flesh as a central subject, I can channel a lot of ideas.”- Jenny Saville
      Jenny Saville is a contemporary artist currently residing in Oxford, England. Her works are bright, bold, and in your face. She works from figures, and loves the overexaggeration of color, and composition. Many of her figures are nude, so that she can really delve into making the figures skin into her own masterpiece. She mainly uses oils throughout her works.

    In her exhibition “Closed Contact” She created a series of prints that dealt with figures pushed up against glass. These works really show tension, and leave the viewer feeling a bit uncomfortable.

    What I enjoy about Saville’s work is that she isn’t afraid to produce something provactive. I don’t mean that she paints nude figures so her work is provactive, but for the sheer fact that she presents her figures in an unexpected way. Her works jump out at you. The size of the figure, the way the figure is angled, and her impressionistic brushstrokes all come together to make her amazing works. She can successfully astract her work into simple lines, and evocative colors, or blend her colors together to make the skin of the figures more natural. Her skill is obvious and her vision is inspiring.   


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