Mark Demsteader


"Kate turning to profile"

  Centered in Britan, Demsteader has recently become one of the most popular figure artists in his country. His works combine both his technical skill at creating realistic portraits, along with leaving the work seemingly unfinished, or abstracting a part of the figure. He works in various types of media but mainly he sticks to pastels, and oils. The most incredile thing about Demsteader is that he grew up mainly teaching himself how to work with the human form. Whether he was participating in life drawing classes, or working at home, his main influence for his work seems to be simply the figures he works from.

    The only works I’ve seen of his are of the female form. The women he creates in his drawings have almost a mysterious demeanor. There are no clues throughout the background to tell the viewer what’s going on or where the figures are. He creates a seamless combination of  intense realism throughout the figure’s face and, the simplicity of the lines that create the rest of her body. This combination leaves the viewer to create what the rest of the figure would look like. From a distance his works resemble a photograph however, when seen closer expressive line work throughout his piece trickles down into a single line to form the rest of the figure.

     When I began to browse through Demsteader’s paintings I was a bit suprised at the stlye he uses with oils. Just as in his drawing he does create women with very realistic faces while the line between where their body ends and the background begins becomes faint. He does abstract the figure as he progresses away from the figure’s face. However, the thing that I found remarkable was the colors he uses throughout these works. His drawings are left with open space, a light background and have a very unfinished feeling. However, his paintings on the other hand are made with very dark, heavy colors, and high contrast. So much contrast in fact that sometimes the features on the figure become lost.

Demsteader's newest study of Emma Waston


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