Steve Huston




Steve Huston was originally known strictly for his illustrations. So much so that he began working for companies like Paramount Pictures, MGM, Warner Brothers, and Dreamworks. It wasn’t until after he got his start with illustration that he began to focucs more on his drawings, and paintings.

     Many of Huston’s oil paintings revolve around the subject of boxing. He is able to convey motion very successfully throughout his works. He focuses on either monachromatic color

schemes, or very muted, harmonious hues. His empahasis of bright, bold lines really add emphasis to the motion of the figures. His figures come alive with his combination of realism, and his expressive line work. His eye for motion, and his ability to express that motion through simple lines is what I find most inspiring about his figures. Aside from his technical skills, his linework is what really makes his pieces what they are.

   The thing that I found most intruiging about Huston’s work is his passion for the subjects he creates. His combination of shadows and highlights create a beautiful contrast in his work “The Clench”. The tension occuring in this piece is wonderfully depicted. The high contrast between the obvious tension, and smooth, beautifully rendered skin creates a kind of competition between the beauty, and masculinity of the piece.

"The Clench"


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