Casey Baugh


    Completing my never ending reign of figurative artist posts is the painter, Casey Baugh. When I first stumbled across Baugh’s work I was enamored by his photographs of figures. However, when I clicked on the work to enlarge it, and sawthe media used I realized he was actually a photo-realist oil painter. I have never seen photo realism done to such a degree  that I couldn’t tell it was a painting.

     In his piece “Reflection” he rendered, not only the figure, but also the water to a degree that the viewer almost feels as though they are right there with the subject. His water is so realistic that you feel as though you could touch it. The only thing that gives the painting away are the subtle brushstrokes throughout the background of the figure. Baugh includes these rough brustrokes to make the viewer realize that it is indeed a painting. These brushstrokes are used in some way in almost every painting he creates.

    In his work “Allure” a beautiful woman graces a chair. Her face is painted super realistically while the brustrokes surrounding her body and the furniture add a sense of movement, and relaxation to the piece.


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