Jim Zuckerman

     Zuckerman is the first photographer I’ve found whose works really inspire me. He combines both photoshop, and digital photography to create works that are a bit out of the ordinary.

    Zuckerman began his career pursuing an education in medicine. It wasn’t until 1970 that he realized he could turn his passion for photography into a real career. He has many famous works that are products of his travels to other countries such as, Eastern Europe, Kenya, Tanzania, and Peru. His works have had many showcasings in publications such as Time-Life books, Life magazine, and National Geographic.

   In his “Africa” album the works that strike me the most are those that include dramatic lighting. He took some photographs at sunrise, or sunset that created a silhouette of the animals, or landscape he was photographing. I find these to be asolutely beautiful. To me a landscape work is successful when it makes the viewer desire to be in that exact moment in the work, more than anything else.  That’s exactly what Zuckerman’s photographs do for me.

"Elephant eating from an acacia tree and white backed vulture"


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