Susan Derges

     For the nearly the past three decades Susan Derges has focused the main portion of her photography on water. She says she has always had an interest in the amount of beauty water can possess under the right circumstances. Her passion for photographing water bloomed out of her residence in Japan during the 1980’s. She said that the water cycle ( Evaporation, Condensation, etc.) became her inspiration to relay a larger meaning throughout her works like the cycle of life. (Birth, death, and afterlife)Some of her most famous works include landscapes, and night scenes.

    The colors in Degres photographs are absolutley beautiful. I’ve never seen someone photograph the night sky so successfully. I’ve always attempted, but I’ve never done the sky justice. Her collection of works called “Eden” really shows Degres talents. She focuses on the simplicity of the water she photographs. The overwhelming theme I get from “Eden” is delicacy. How one simple movement can change the path of the water.

 Recently, in my own work I’ve been experimenting with water myself. I’ve started a painting inspired by Susan Derges photography. I’m not sure how I’ll incorporate water into my senior seminar but, it’s something I’ve never really attempted. I thought it’d be interesting to see how it turns out.  I’ll post some pictures soon!




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