Shel Silverstein

   Shel Silverstein is one of my all time favorite illustrators, and poets. His poems, and illustrations are defined by a whimsical nature that brings joy to his readers. I found his book “Where the Sidewalk Ends” the other week and, realized that I really could create an artists post on him.

   Silverstein was not only an artist and a poet but, he also a performing artist, musician, and songwriter. He had an amazing imigination and, passion for creating children’s poetry. Some of his most famous works include “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, “A light in the Attic”, “The Giving Tree” and “Falling Up”. Unfortunately, Silverstein passed away in May of 1999.

   I remember finding his illustrations to be so entertaining when I was little. I loved his unique style that he created his animals, people, and other subjects in. Many of his illustrations included fine details that I could stare at for hours on end trying to figure out every little piece that made up the drawing. I remember having my own sketchbook as a kid trying to replicate some of his brilliant cartoons, and create my own poems to accompany them.

   Today what I can take from my childhood love for Shel Silverstein are the reflections he is able to create from his poetry into his illustrations. Even today, browsing through some of his illustrations I can distinctly remember what the poem was about just by glancing at his drawings. It would be great to be able to portray a story of my own that clearly through a work of art.


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