Stephen Johnston

     Stephen Johnston is a rather young surrealist artist who recently got his big break while exhibiting in the Saatchi Gallery. He works with oils on canvas and focuses his work on “our changing culture, humanity, and the link between them”. I had trouble finding an artist statement from him so, I assume much of his work is meant to be self explanatory.

"Fair Maiden"

     The subjects he chooses to work from are pretty much faceless. He positions them in a way that they’re faces are covered, leaving it to our imagination to create them. His paintings give off a playful vibe that takes the viewer back to their childhood. For example in his work, “Fair Maiden” he depicts a man probably in his teens or twenties replicating what we would assume to be a jousting match. However, using the lawn mower for what would’ve been a horse, bucket for a helmet, and broom for a stake he creates a whimsical scene on a beach. The  man in this painting is in touch with his inner child as he takes on the world to save his damsel in distress.

   I really do enjoy how his works are pretty much self explanatory. Aside from his amazing technical skill, it’s obvious that he has a vivid imagination. I do find it interesting that all of his paintings consist of male figures on a beach. I really would love explore this artist more in depth and he may be one of the final ten I intend to pursue. His amazing eye for color, and creativity is something that could really inspire my own work.


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