Andrea Bowers

   Bowers addresses trying political and, civil rights issues that are still affecting our society today. Her work depicts people protesting and fighting for a cause. She believes that even in the present day our world still compares to the conservative place it once was over fifty years ago. She believes that women are still being treated unfairly, that the privacy of our citizens is being ignored, and that race discrimination is thriving. She speaks out her opinion on different political subjects such as abortion, and civil rights through her work in a way that cannot be ignored.

Bowers uses intense photo realism drawing that is typically accompanied by a blank backgroud. This contrast of finished versus unfinished really helps her portraits to speak and become the central focus of the work. She also has become involved with video production and has several documentaries addressing some pressing issues. In one of her videos entitled”Vows” her main point from the film is to inform america about how outdated, and oppressive the institute of marraige is. Each bride is projected on a screen that faces one another as they each read and seemingly respond to each others vows. This projection is an example of how Bowers is not afraid to speak her opinion, no matter how many people will take offense.  

Something that inspired me from Bowers work was her amazing technical skill with figures in her drawings. However, the most inspiring thing I find about her work is her willigness to express her opinion through her work. She addresses details in political issues that most people would find to be innapropriate to address. Her blunt work is something I truly admire and hope I can produce through my own work. To me an artist is someone who is not afraid to speak their mind in any media necessary to prove their point.


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