Lee Ufan

     Ufan is someone that certainly baffled my dad and I as we walked through the Guggenheim last weekend. He defenitly sparked my interest to learn more about him as an artist though. I had never visited the Guggenheim before and walking up the spiral museum I realized Ufan’s work was displayed throughout all the main hallways. Ranging from paintings to sculptures to installations Ufan was everywhere.  His exhibition was entitled “Marking Infinity”. The first display I saw of his was simply five or six rocks sporatically placed upon pillows throughout the room. As I continued through the exhibit I would see pieces that consisted of a blank canvas placed on the floor with three stones on each corner while one was placed just beside the corner, as if it had fallen off. The pieces were called “Relatum”. This idea of being a bit off balanced was key throughout much of Ufan’s work.

    I had trouble pin pointing exactly was Ufan’s concept was. When I first saw the contrast of something soft versus something hard I figured the stones we’re meant to represent some sort of negativity. However, after reading articles about Ufan I now know that is certainly not the case. Ufan picked out each of the 52 rocks as if he were picking out precious diamonds for his exhibit. As Alexandra Munroe, the Guggenheim curator described “He can see things we can’t see”.  Ufan would be able to determine which rocks gave off positive energy versus which one’s were not fit for the world of art. Ufan’s main concept was to compare nature and our very industrialized world that we live in today. He was attempting to produce tension and, after walking through the exibihit and seeing so much of his work I think I did recieve that feeling of tension.



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