So I figured itd be helpful to put some of my concept ideas on my blog. My best friend gave a speech at our graduation a few years ago describing the masks people wear throughout the day. Whether they are trying to conceal a disease, an addiction, or any other aspect of their lives that they are ashamed of people hide these things to appear normal. I plan to uncover these masks that my friends, myself, and family wear on a daily basis. I’ve been playing around with these ideas and how to portray them in a way so  that the concept of a mask isn’t so traditionally obvious. I’m beginning my research on the use of masks in different cultures to come up with some more ideas on their meanings and the meanings of my future works.

  Here is my first piece I’ve been working with. My mask is represented in the family paper chain I have across my mouth in this painting.  When I was younger and my parents divorced they were ashamed of what others would think of our family. Whenever we would visit extended family or even have friends over neither of us were allowed to tell anyone that they had seperated. I was hiding behind the false reality of having the perfect family unit. I absolutley my family and wouldn’t change anything about them for the world but, this is something I clearly remember having to mask.



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