Phyllis Galembo

   The thing I respect most about Phyllis Galembo is her belief that no matter where you are in the world, you can still find beauty. She is both a photographer and Professer at the university of Albany. Her main passion in life, ironically enough, is not photography but, instead traveling. She almost treats photography simply as way to document her travels. Although, immersing herself in different cultures is her true calling. The thing that she likes to focus on most in her work are the details of one’s clothing, and the how the bright colors in the fabirc can immediately change someone into a totally different person.

   Probably one of my favorite projects of hers would have to be her collection called ” Dressed for Thrills” (Halloween and Masquerade) The colors she uses in some of her costumes are absolutely brilliant. She mainly works with smaller costumes and masks for children in this specific series. She focuses largely on imaginary figures, and storybook characters. The other collection of hers I find interesting is her “Zambia” collection. Her african masks, and costumes reflect their distinct culture, and are most likely respresentative of religious icons. Another thing I appreciate about Galembo’s work is her placement of figures in various backgrounds. She does an excellent job of incorporating them into their surroundings to make the most of her masks.

   This is my first artist post relating to the use of masks. Galembo’s masks are very ornate and beautiful, however, I feel that my work would relate more to what people are actually hiding, instead of what is covering them up.


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