Sayaka Ganz

   I came across Sayaka Ganz while on Artist a Day. The piece that drew me to explore her work more was “Emergence”. In this  sculpture two horses gallop side by side as they emerge from the wall. The black horse is entitled “Night” while the white horse is called “Wind”. I found these pieces to be absolutley stunning in both their composition, craftsmanship, and in type of media used.


   Ever heard the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well this phrase embodies Ganz’s inspiration for her works. Her gorgeous horses are made up of nothing more than simple plastic spoons, and forks. The reason for this? Ganz grew up in Japan and according to her Shinto faith every material item and, being in the world has feelings of some sort.She hold the belief that items placed in dumpsters, or trash cans, are simply neglected and, need to be rescued to showcase their true beauty. She also believes that her works should be representative of puzzle pieces in some ways, that everything in life will fall into place and, fit together, just as they do in her artwork.

Anotehr piece of hers I’ve come to love is entitled “Whirl”. In this work a fish swirls it’s body in a circular motion constrasting the sharp, and rigid metal objects that make up its core. This work is mad eup of spatuals, forks, spoons, and other everyday kitchen utentsils that one would normally overlook.

What I find most inspiring about Ganz’s work is the faith she has in every piece of our lives fitting together perfectly. She can see past what others would immediately label as trash, or imperction, and transform it into an amazing work of art. I truly respect her drive, and vision behind her artwork.



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