Terry Strickland


     Terry Strickland is an oil painter whose inspiration comes from fairy tales, and superheroes. In her paintings, she takes a well known character, or story, and places a modern twist on it. She arranges these well known characters into our world  is “a symbol for the aspirations we hold on our chests”. In the statement it is obvious that Strickland holds the belief that within each person is some sort of superhero, and that our dreams and, everyday goals are something take pride in.

"Rapunzel's Dilemma"

   Out of her collections my favorite works are under the group entitled the  “Miscellaneous Figures Gallery”. One of my favorite works is her piece called “Enlightenment” The male figure is illuminated by whatever is inside the box he is holding. She has such an eye for the placement of light, and the value changes that occur across the skin, and clothing of a figure. This collection features more whimsical characters that are a bit unlike her works that involve folklore, and fairy tales.

  In her folklore, and literature section of her paintings the one that really stood out was “Rapunzel’s Dilema”. Not only is the technical skill very evident but, also her creativity really shines in this one. I love that Rapunzel is depicted as an everyday girl dealing with the typical girlish dilema as to whether or not to cut, or keep her hair long.



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