Mask Research

  While browsing through some articles  about the meaning and history of masks, I found some information that I found to be pertinent to my concept. Tribal masks from various countries in Africa are revered as living subjects. When a member from a tribe puts on a mask it is living, and when it is not associated with a person it is seen as dead. As I continued on with my research I read about the ceremonies that some tribes participated in to  dispose of the masks or costumes they created. Most masks are used across both Africa and the Carribean for events and, subjects such as circumcision, healing, hunting, and fertility. These cutlures believe that masks have magical powers that increase the success of the ceremony.

In my work with masks I’m uncovering how people mask their certain things from their past, or present. These masks that they wear are alive and, a part of them just as tribal masks are seen to be living and represent a part of a person or their culture. Similar to my concept these tribal masks give a person both power and strength. When people mask a part of their past or, a disease they might have it gives them the strength to carry on, to not let it control them. Even though they are not showing all of their true colors a mask gives them some sort of power to seem normal that they wouldn’t orginally have.


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