Patrick Bremer

   Bremer is a young collage artist and figure painter centered in London. He mainly works with oils, magazine clippings, and other mixed media such as paper mache and newspaper to create his captivating collages. One of his major sources of inspiration is Jenny Saville. He absolutley loves her work with skintones and flesh and, finds that in some ways he mirrors her work in his own. Bremer constantly asks friends, family, or locals down at the pub tomodel for him. His work consists of portraits of very relatable people. Bremer creates many of his work out of comission however, there are a select few that are simply created for his own personal satisfaction. In 2007 he was awarded the DeLazlo Foundation Award from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

  The first work I ever saw from Bremer was his piece entitled “Castle”. I was blown away by his use of mixed media and,how he was able to manipulate it to create a striking figure. In this nude portrait he uses a  monochromatic color scheme that from a distance that actually resonates as a simple black and white painting. The thing that I find most impressive about this work is the composition. The perspective he creates really makes the figure stand out against the lighter background. As her body recedes into the distance becoming smaller and smaller, the details and emotion of her face becomes more apparent.

Bremer has inspired me to experiment more with mixed media in my own work. I used to create paintings that incorporated newspaper but, I felt that my strength was solely in acrylics. However, his works have driven me to try some new things with acrylics, and mixed media to see how it turns out. I could create one of my masks with mixed media that would be placed above one of my paintings. I’m still toying with the idea but, Bremer’s work has defenitly made me evaluate my media choices for senior seminar.


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