Alexandre Farto

    Farto is a 24 year old Porteguese graffiti artist who mainly works with portraits. His works appear everywhere in London. Billboards, walls, and buildings throughout the city are home to his masterpieces. He has only just begun his art career so he has only had two solo exhibits, one in London, and one in Libson. My favorite quote by him is “In this act of excavating,  it’s the process itself which is expressive, more than the final result. It’s a process of trying to reflect upon our own layers”. To me, this quote truly reflects my own work as well. As I apply layer upon layer of paint to my works I can understand more clearly the layers that make up my own life. Also, once I finish a work it’s not always satisfying for the sheer fact that it’s fianlly over. The excitment of coming home to work on a piece, and the feelings of both success and failure are gone once a piece is comeplete. The real journey of the artist is what the work represents in the end.

  This piece to the right exhibits Farto’s technical ability and, creativity. By chipping away at the wall Farto uncovers different layers of brick and paint. The layers that make up this portrait are representative of the texture of the person’s face. The bricks add a roughness around his moustache and five o clock shadow that recedes down his cheek.

  Other works of Farto are a bit more subdude, and disguised. He enjoys placing works in areas that are almost hidden, so that the viewer must really be paying attention in order to see his work. To me, this proves the point that beauty is all around us and sometimes the only way to see it is to look in places you’d never expect to find it.


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