"Original Thought"

    Banksy is the first Graffiti Artist I came across that I actually respected as an artist. I first heard about Banksy back around my junior year of high school. Prior to seeing some of Banksy’s work I saw Graffiti as a mindless activity that anyone could participate in. (Mainly due to the way I was raised) When I saw some of his work I was amazed at the technical skill, hilarity, and irony his pieces contained. I began to see Graffiti as an art form, and an adventurous art form at that. As I learned about how Bansky cut out, designed his stencils, and planned out his excavations, I began to form an immense amount of respect for him. This wasn’t just some angry teenager writing words in spraypaint alongisde old bridges but, Bansky was truly an artist exploring the world and giving people a piece of art work to view as they simply walk to work, or drive by a building.

   I’ve always said that if I ever travel to his base town of London one of my goals would be to see his work. For the past four years I’ve enjoyed keeping up with Banksy’s website, documentaries, and books. His art is loud, opinionated, and, frankly proves that he doesn’t give a damn.

 My favorite set of pieces from him would have to be his work’s that adorn the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall represents the isolation of Palestine and, to counteract this Banksy’s pieces represent a sense of freedom and, togetherness. I love how his scenes on the wall are very upbeat, and optimistic. This sense of happiness, and beauty makes the wall seem weaker, that art overpowers even the most sturdiest buildings.


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