Samantha French

Samantha French’s work has always represented the people, places, and things that are close to heart. Drawing on experiences she had while growing up in innesota some of her most well known works are those that include swimmers. She works mainly with oil on canvas, and creates her paintings in a rather large scale. Her work is very gestural, her quick thin lines, and blocks of color make the motion of the swimmers that much more apparent. She does a great job at creating the reflection of the water and creating beautiful colors in the skintones of her subjects.  

   My favorite work of her is entitled “Three feet below”. She uses complementary blues and oranges to create a contrast between the swimmers warm skin against the cool water. The reflection from the water above is absolutely gorgeous and swirls with the linework she creates. The ripples in the water are easily distinguished with ehr knowledge of highlights, shadows, and her use of color.  The subject of the painting is off center and partially submerged underwater creating a dynamic composition.

  Many of French’s figures underwater lack a full portrait of their face. She always keeps a part of their face hidden. It’s inspiring to see how her work has progressed throughout the years. She includes much more detail in her work than ever before, andher coloration of subjects is infinitly brighter than before.


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