Matt Small

   Painting on found pieces of metal Matthew Small pieces reflect that of an urban atmosphere. His mixed media paintings are vibrant in color, and emotion. His style is very unique and consistent throughout most of his works. Focusing on portraits of random people he meets, and photographs in the city of London, Small enjoys documenting the world around him. The one thing aside from color he really emphasizes throughout his work is texture. He loves to include varying lines, and small details across his subjects face. His small blocks of color, and texture of the paint all influence the final emotion that is exhibited on his subject’s face.


  His portraits typically only show the subjects face. The figures almost seem as though they are staring the viewer down. Many of his works are very intimidating due to the nature of his figures. His expressive line work, and color is probably the thing I most admire about his work. His passion for what he does is blantantly obvious.
    It just goes to show that sometimes to evoke a feeling in a work the subject’s face doesn’t nessecarily have to relfect that emotion. One of my favorite pieces of his is the work below entitled “Becky”. What drew me to this work was the explosive color that was accompanied with a subdude attitude from the subject. This contrast is absolutely breathatking.

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