Bruce Holwerda

   Bruce Holdwerda will absolutley be one of my final ten artists I plan to research more about. He believes at heart that he is both an illustrator and cartoonist. What makes his work so unique is his combination of traditional painting techniques and his knack for illustration. He sees himself as a surrealist combining elements into his figures that wouldn’t normally be there. He works with acrylics on various canvas boards, wood, and paper. In his artist statement he described how people couldn’t understand where his fantastical ideas came from. Holwerda simply said that he broke the rules one day in a figure drawing class and, stepped outside the realm of photo realism. This helped him realize that the “right way” the create art is simply in whatever way your heart desires.

   His color scheme is almost always consistent of very greyish hues. While he does use a vast amoutn of colors in his works his skill at keeping them very harmonious keeps the color from overpowering the portrait. One thing that I think probably struck me the most about his works is his inclusion of masks. It’s almost as though his figures are typically covered by large amounts of small creatures and objects that in turn make up the figure themselves. This combination reflects my own concept of masks in Senior Seminar.

  For once, I can’t just pick a work of his to be my favorite. Holwerda’s works intruige me as a group. Each piece is unique however, they work together brilliantly as one cohesive series.


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