Christopher Cuseo

Cuseo is a fairly young artist centered in California. He graduated from UCLA in 2003 and is an illustrator, sculptor, and painter. He worsks on a very large scale and much of his works are created to reflect the female form. He loves to emphasize both emotions and the concept of memories in his work. The works that caught my eye were his illustrations entitled “Don’t forget me” and “Fear the worst”. These works both feature a tall thin dark haired woman surrounded encircled by gorgeous butterflies. The detail in the womans dress is something that can be easily overlooked in these works. The color of the pieces creates a dominantly pastel colored work the only part of the pieces that do not follow this color scheme is her hair.

  Even though the subject of this work is dead center both the colors, and ornate details provide for a compelling composition. Another series of his I’ve become very imrpessed with is his work “Broadcast Emotion”. These paintings include patchy squares of muted colors along with an incomplete figure usually placed right below the blotches of color. These abstracted figures are a bit unsettling but, still charming in a way.

 Cuseo’s work with the female form is something I really admire. He is very technically skilled at his depictions. At the same time, he makes his portraits very characteristaclly Cuseo, with the elongated bodies, coloration, and contrast in lighting.


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