Matthew Cornell

    Cornell is a landscape artist who recieved his BFA from California State University. His works are fascinating for the fact that they contain a mass amount of detail on a small canvas size. His works are completley photo realistic and have a peaceful aura about them. Many of his paintings document ideal places in which the viewer could not imagine a more serene venue to escape to. His art work to me is an escape. He paints places close to his heart views from his home, and other places he grew up near. The colors in his work are very realistic but, at the same time a bit exaggerated to make the landscape even more ideal.

    Some of my favorite works of his include sunsets or sunrises. The way he paints the sky and his work with the sky’s reflection on water is absolutley breathtaking to me. He is a master when it comes to manipulating lighting in his work and, can wonderfully render a night scene. Replicating night scenes is something I’ve always been challenged with in my own work. I can never seem to create a night scene that is anywhere nearly as clear as the real thing. Cornell however, creates scense so beautiful that they seem clearer than what you’d expect to  see in the night sky.


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2 Responses to Matthew Cornell

  1. Thanks Michelle. Just discovered this post today. Very well said.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently a senior pursuing my art degree and, I just absolutely loved your work. I’ve never been too comfortable working with landscapes, I mainly work with figures, but when I found your pieces I had to post about them. Can’t wait to see more of your work in the future! -Michelle Vaughan

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