Elena Kalis

   Elena Kalis is an underwater photographer centered in the Bahamas. Originating from Russia, her passion for underwater photography wasn’t discovered until later in life. Her subjects usually consist of her children, and friends. To her working underwater is like creating art in a completley different dimension. What she loves most is that there are no rules. Some of the most amazing lighting and coloration comes through in her photography because of the water. To her it is all just luck and experimentation that creates her wonderful photography.

Just as many artists have become fascinated with the childhood fantasy “Alice and Wonderland” Kalis put her own spin on this classic entitling it “Alice in Waterland”. For this series she chose her daughter to be the main subject. With her own creativity and use of props she makes a fantastical story line. Her skill with placing her daughter on the edge of the water adds boundaries to the seemingly endless pool of water.

She says that her main inspiration comes from the ocean. She finds the fact that the ocean is constantly changing to be something of value. This is reflected in her own work which is constantly changing as well. No two photographs of hers are the same, and it’s obvious that she enjoys a variety of subjects and compositions in her works.




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