Tom French

  French’s art education began at Newcastle school of Art and Design in England. He later continued his education through the Sheffield Institute of Art and Design. He is a both an illustrator and, a painter. Over the years it has become apparent that French has merged his techniques of illustration and painting to create one very successful style of art. He uses a wide variety of media ranging from charcoal, acrylic, spraypaint, and even gold leafing. His style has defenitly evolved over the years and, he is able to create more dynamic works since he has “let loose”. French stated how when he began using his fingers instead of actual blending tools his work became much more diverse, and free flowing.

What I can take from French’s work is his ability to create almost photo realistic works.  With this sense of realism however, French puts his own spin on his work by adding various colors and, linework. Many of his blending techniques and brushstrokes convey a sense of movement through his works.


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