Maggie Taylor

  I researched Maggie Taylor in computer art this past semester for one of my assignments. Our project was to create a work that was inspired by a computer artist. After looking through a good number of them the one artist I kept returning to was, Maggie Taylor. Ironically enough the present day successful artist actually recieved a degree in philosophy from Yale University. She later went back to school in the mid 1990’s and recieved a degree in photography. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that she began her work with computer art.

     Her figures reflect  traditional portraits of 18th or 19th century paintings. However, her use of bright, saturated color along with her spark of creativity makes them into a fantastical illustration one would see in a children’s book. Taylor’s work wonderfully balances both a whimsical nature, and an unsettling alternate reality that her figures reside in. Some figures are simply missing heads, some are blindfolded, and some wear a dress of bees. Where these concepts would normally be both horrifying and unnatural in Taylors work they are somewhat comforting and, intruiging.

Similar to many of the artists I have researched Taylor created a series known as “Almost Alice”. And once again this is my favorite series of her works. It could be that I simply loved the movie Alice in Wonderland but, Taylor is the most successful out of all the Alice series I’ve seen. The thing that I find very impressive about all these works is her placement of figures in her imaginitive landscapes. Taylor makes it seem as though she is literally photographing the Alice in Wonderland characters against a backdrop. As if she pulled them out for a photoshoot.


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