Elizabeth Winnel

   Centered in Canada, Elizabeth Winnel is both an illustrator and, a painter. She recieved her degree while in London from a school called Fanshawe College. It wasn’t until she attended the Savannah School of Art and Design that she recieved a degree in Art.

  When I stumbled upon Winnel’s work the thing that drew me to her was her explanation of her figurative work. She plays with the idea of bringing what people keep on the inside outside to their exterior. This reminded me of my own concept I am investigating. Her ideas are very similar to mine in that we both share the belief that people hide things and try to bring them out in our works.

  Many of her works are actually self-portraits however, the way she depicts herself and the colors she uses make it seem as though she has a whole new identity within each piece. She portrays her figures emotions through her brushstrokes, and color usage throughout the paintings. It’s easy to tell what emotion she is trying to evoke from the viewer be that of anger, sadness, or vulnerability. All of her works are of female figures and, many of them seem distraught. I have a feeling Winnel creates these works to deal with the own stress in her life. Bringing her own stress from within in her out onto a canvas. She will defenitly be one of the ten artists I look into to go more in depth. Her style is something I can take a lot from, and has really inspired me in my own work.



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