Michael Boshart

   Originally from Southern California Michael Boshart is somewhat a photo realist figure painter. His media of choice typically tends to be oils on canvas. He does twist his figurative works in a way that evokes an emotion through his use of color, and space. His belief in art is that a person must first have the technical skills to draw before they can ever begin painting. His works usually include females, and enjoys painting nudes. He believes that by painting a naked figure it shows the true raw emotion that is hidden beneath our clothes.

  His figures are typically painted with harmonious hues, and in a very subdude space. His backgrounds typically consist of beautiful line works and drips down wall board that creates a dynamic composition. He really does not zoom in too much on his figures, or approach them from many angles which is something I think oculd drrastically improve his work. He is very technically skilled, and creates a nice balance between keeping his works both intruiging but, not overly choatic. One thing I find very interesting is the size of his works. Even though one would expect his figures to be lifesize his canvases are usually no bigger than 16X20.


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