Andrew Salgado

  Andrew Salgado is a  Canadian painter who recieved his degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He now has recieved an M.F.A  from the London Chelsea College of Art. He has particpated in many exhibtions all over the world, and recently recieved the Courvoirsier  Future 500 Award  from the Saatchi Gallery. His concept reflects the ideas of the masculine form of figures and how he can portray that idea with paint. Salgado is one of the few artists I’ve found that focuses his work around male subjects. 

  His paintings use very bold, expressive line work, along with bright expressive coloration to really bring his male figures to life. He uses colors that would not typically be used in the shadows and highlights of the face. He really loves to find color within color. In a simple skintone Salgado can find ten or more colors. He is very skilled at painting faces, and finding the ideal place to put his loud, and bright colors.

  In some ways I feel that I paint in a similar style as Salgado. He uses blocks, or strokes of various colors to make up what would normally be seen as a dull or one toned subject.


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