Olga Gouskova

Olga Gouskova is a Russian artist who currently works and lives in Bruges. She mainly focuses her work around female figures, and the concept of their delicacy, and mystery. She portrays these figures as though they are independent women, with a sort of charm about them. The skintones of her models are typically dulled while the rest of the painting is surrounded in color, throughout the background, and hair of the figures. Her paintings latch on to female dreams, emotions, and aspirations. Her works all highlight individual figures while, at the same time work cohesively as a unit, portraying the ultimate beauty of the female form.

  Olga attended the Byelorussian Academy of the Arts during the early 1990’s and, produced work within their design department. She defenitly has come up with her own method to her paintings over the years. Olga begins by creating a soft skintone for her figures by using a sepia pencil, after that she embellishes the rest of the work with paint, or pen, and ink to create small details, and add a sense of life to the work. The softening of the figures actually body adds to the concept of female fragility. While, their hair may be fiery, and the background loud, the female herself is always seen in her works as a calm , and delicate figure.

  One of my favorite works of hers is the piece below entitled “Red Currant”. The thing that immediately caught my eye was the brialliant color scheme she used in this work. The figure is very relaxed, and has a very curious look about her, as though she is trying to tempt the viewer. The red berries play off the color from the figures ribbon tying together the figures, hair, body, and background seamlessly.



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