Will Cotton

   Will Cotton was born in Melrose, Massachusetts and, currently resides in New York City. His paintings are all based around the concept of a select few of the seven deadly sins including indulgence, gluttony, and lust/temptation. He has had many solo exhibitions, and a fair number of group exhibitions as well. He recieved a B.F.A from the New York Academy of Art back in 1988.

  Many of Will’s earlier paintings represented the typical candyland fantasy world that one would immediately conjure up at the thought of gluttony. As his paintings progressed he began to incorporate more figures into these candyland worlds. In his most recent works he depicts female (sometimes nude) idealized figures in an amazing world full of beautiful clouds. The soft abckground, and pastel colors make his women seem very fragile and, dainty, putting them on a pedestal. He created a few paintings of Katy Perry in her candy wonderland that was exhibited in some of her music videos.

  He is an amazingly skilled painter, and a true photorealist when it comes to his figures. While looking through his drawings it becomes apparent how carefully he plans out each of his works, grasping each detail in a drawing before he transfers it to canvas. What I find to be the most intruiging about his work is how he is able to make the fantasy worlds transform into a reality with his skill of creating photo realistic paintings.



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