Frank Gonzales

Birds, Birds, Birds! Haha many of my posts this summer have been about figurative artists, with a few landscpae artists strewn throughout my blog. However, I rarely have investigated an artist who focuses on one type of animal throughout all of his works. The second I saw Frank Gonzale’s work I knew I had to review his work. He is a very skilled photo realist when it comes to his bird paintings. However, he combines his photo realism with abstration as he removes geometric shapes from the birds bodies and places these chunks of colors throughout the painting.

  Gonzales method to his work is taking subjects in nature and fragmenting them to creating a dynamic composition. He recieved his degree frmo a University in Southern California, and later moved to Queens, New York where he works today. The thing I love most about his website is his full fleged blog he updates regularly. In this blog he posts inspirations, and photos of his current in progress works. To me, it’s very intruiging to see how exactly he plans things out and, the process he uses to complete his paintings.


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