Erin Fostel

     Similar in a sense to Brian Boner, Erin Fostel draws on memories, experiences, and, events from her childhood to inspire her current work. She says the thing that creates her successful pieces of art is her childlike imagination which she has kept in tact for nearly three decades. Her media of choice is charcoal on paper, or fabric.  She does a fantastic job of creating portraits with charcoal mastering it in a way so that it almost comes off as graphite. She usese high contrast creating shadows, and highlights on the figures to emphasize certain features on them.

Fostel received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in both Art and Art History from the Maryland Insitute of College of Art. She divides her work in to three categories consisting of, her narratives, figuratives, and portraits. Even though, her Art touches on childhood experiences, unlike Boner she attributes these childhood experiences to adult subjects. From riding through a whirlwind of fighter pilots,  playing dress up as snow white, to climbing a mountain that’s really a bookcase her figures reenact these typical childhood scenarios in their own adult world.

   The lighting techniques she uses to illuminate her figures are simply stunning. Her figurative works that focus solely on the figure itself, instead of the story behind them, are actually my favorites. Her figures have a mystery about them, and a sense of beauty that seems unnatainable in the real world.


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