Russ Mills

   Russ Mills received his B.A in Graphic Design  from Leeds Met University. He first began his work by tapping into some film work and animation however, he realized his true calling was to work with more simple media such as pen, paper, and his computer. He uses the least amount of layers as possible when it comes to manipulating his images so that his raw experimentation can stay in tact. He also refuses to use filters on his images to keep the photography, and technical drawing as realistic as possible. He typically gathers various source material to scan in and, then draws the image he photographs and scans that in as well. By combining all of his source materials he is able to create a very striking image.

  The funniest thing is I keep convincing myself I’ve found my favorite work of his however, the more I browse through his gallery, the more I realize I can’t pick just one. His style is so consistent throughout all of his figures that they all work as one cohesive unit. He uses a limited color palette and typicall uses high contrast throughout his portraits to enhance the features on the figures face. The wonderful thing about his work through computers is that he can create mass amounts of his artworks in very little time. This allows for more creativity, experimentation, and progress.


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