Benon Lutaaya

Benon Lutaaya is a collage artist centered in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a fairly young artist, only about 25 years old and, is just getting his feet off the ground when it comes to his work. His most recent exhibition took place at the Bayimba Festival of the Arts in Uganda. He is a painter at heart however, due to his lack of materials he chose the most inexpensice media he could find to work with which at the time was collage. By walking through his town and picking up old posters, and magazines he was able to turn his paintings into something more unique. He is truly obsessed with art. Unlike most of the artists I’ve researched he did not have the proper art school training that most artists recieve. He didn’t grow up visiting hundreds of galleries, and museums learning about different artists, movements, and technical skills, instead, his interest in art was first sparked by his older brothers drawings. Enamored with what his brother could create Lutaaya decided to challenge himself.

   In 2007, he made one of his toughest life deicisions yet. He could follow the path of his major and get a typical job university students recieve out of college or, pursue his passion for art. With no money, and no support he began his work and, to this day he says it’s one of the best decisions he ever made. His work focuses on the concept of survival, and the importance and fragility of one’s life. He uses younger subjects in his works, and shows great depth in emotion, and conveys messages sometimes through the text in the background. He does an amazing job with color, using tiny pieces of paper to build up large gradiations throughout the figures skin.

  I have a lot of respect for Benon Lutaaya. He was not given many oppurtunities in life when it came to pursuing his art career however, he made his dream a reality anyways. I am looking forward to see what Benon creates in the future, and seeing his career take off.


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