10th Artist Review Terry Stirckland

Receiving her degree from the University of Central Florida, Terry Strickland has come a long way to become a successful full time painter. She once was an illustrator, teacher, a courtroom artist, and silk screen artist. Her media of choice is oil on canvas, and she loves working with figures. Much of her work surrounds the concepts of love, death, and inspiration. She finds her own inspiration for many of her paintings in old wise tales, fairy tales, and even superheroes. She likes to take these mythical fictional characters and place them in our modern day life. The characters she creates reflect to us how to handle certain situations, and the concept that one should never take life too seriously.

   Strickland loves to work with photo-realism. In many cases she uses high contrast to illuminate certain features on her figures. My favorite collection out of all of her works is her series entitled “Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends and Literature. She touches on a series of goddesses that are associated with various forms on the earth. Including air (Cardea), water (Tethys), earth (Gaea ), and fire (Hestia).

     One work I find really impressive is her piece “Like Breath on Glass”. This piece really showcases Strickland’s talents in my eyes. It’s so difficult to pull of creating the illusion of glass in a painting however, Strickland did a fantastic job. She also was able to create reflections in the glass to make it seem even more realistic. The color scheme of this piece is very cool, resonating as a cold winter day in which this girl is traveling. In this painting a teenage young girl seems to be daydreaming.  To me this piece reflects the delusional spell love can cast on us all when our minds wander. It’s such a simple piece that anyone can relate to it and, create their own interpretation. That’s one thing I really respect about all of Strickland’s works, even if they may represent a well known fairytale, or character, you can interpret them in any way you like. In Strickland’s eyes she takes our well known superheroes and throws them into our everyday life.

I’ve enjoyed reading through some of Strickland’s blog posts that she tries to keep up with on a regular basis. At the moment, it seems as though she is getting prepared to exhibit two of her works “The flight plan” and, “Enlightenment” in the Miller Gallery showcasing contemporary realist art. She mainly updates her fans on where her work is exhibiting however, from time to time she does incorporate what she’s been teaching, and working on into her blog. In her one of her more recent blog posts she discusses how others label her as an artist. It seems people believe her to be a romantic realist. And much to her disagreement, I would have to agree. She illuminates her figures to make them almost an idealized version of themselves. They have no skin imperfections, and are beautifully lit in every painting. She really does turn the world into her own fairy tale while, still keeping it set in a modern day scene. I’m not quite sure how she’s been able to accomplish this but, I’m sure its taken her years of experience to create the works she does today.

    Aside from Terry’s paintings the one thing that inspired me about her came from her blog. It’s nice to realize all the posting, and artists reviews we’ve been doing this summer isn’t too unlike some of our favorite artists. I’ve realized blogging is a great way to update others, and receive inspiration for your own work. For Strickland it seems like her art diary and, she’s inspired me to start a new one myself in the future. It’s also a great way to keep up with what you’ve been doing and literally see the days you’ve progressed with your work. 

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