3rd Artist Post Elizabeth Winnel

   The reason I first became intrigued with Winnel’s work was how it related to my own concept of masks. Her work focuses around the concept of what her figures hide inside and transfers that hidden emotion to their exteriors.  She portrays their emotions with her use of color and, brushstrokes. Many of her works are self portraits to emphasize her own need to address the feelings that reside within in herself and, let them escape onto the canvas.

   Her works combine both a sense of delicacy with an unsettling nature about them. It’s as though, the viewer desires to comfort the distraught subject but, at the same time they are a bit hesitant due to the nature of the figures.

Winnel received her fine arts degree from Fanshawe College in London, and later received a degree in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. She currently lives and works in Tortono, Canada. Her media of choice varies from spraypaint, to pastel, to acrylic, oils, ink, charcoal, or a combination of all of them. Before creating her works she completes various color, and value studies to determine what she will do for her final piece. While searching through her blog I found tons of small works that consisted of various colors and, experiments to help inspire her. She obviously puts forth a lot of effort in planning what the final piece will consist of, even though her final piece in some cases does resemble unplanned experimentation.

On the left is one of my favorite pieces of hers. It’s entitled, “Star”. This mixed media piece was created with charcoal, ink, oil, and pastel on canvas. She seamlessly mixes these medias together to create a beautiful self portrait. She emphasizes the figures lips and, eyes to draw the viewer to the left side of the page. Her use of spraypaint and charcoal leaves  un touched lightened areas that almost act as ripples flowing across the canvas like water. She uses a very high value contrast to make her figure come to life. The colors in this piece make the figure seem broken, as though there is darkness the figure must overcome. 

  What first drew me to Winnel’s work was her use of color. I am a nut when it comes to color and, the combinations and highly saturated colors she picks all work wonderfully throughout her works.


  These color, and style combinations make each of her self portraits look as though they’re different people. Even though almost all her works exhibit herself I would’ve never known they were all self portraits until reading more about Winnel. Winnel is an extraordinary figure artist and, has inspired me to experiment more with various media in my work.



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