4th Artist Post Patrick Bremer

It wasn’t until I went back through my artist posts that I realized I absolutely had to include Patrick Bremer in my final ten. Even though, I’m not a collage artist he has inspired me to play around with mixed media in my own work.  He is wildly talented at mastering the incorporation of collage into his paintings, and I stare in awe at many of his works.

   Bremer received his degree from the Wimbledom College of Art and Design in London. In 2007 he was awarded the Delazlo Foundation Award given by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. This award was given after he exhibited in the annual Mall Galleries back in 2007. He currently resides and, was raised in Brighton, UK.  His media of choice is both oils, and collage and, he enjoys working on a fairly large scale.

  Some artists of inspiration for him include figure painters such as, Lucien Freud, Jenny Saville, and Francis Bacon. The thing he found more inspirational from all of these artists was how they viewed, and created skin in their works. They all use a variety of methods to create very stylized skintones, and that was something that Bremer found fascinating. Other inspiration Bremer receives comes from his students. Patrick Bremer  is also a part time middle school teacher. He says that helping his kids with their own artwork, only gives him more and more ideas about his own work.  He believes that children are so experimental with their work at a younger age. They don’t believe there is a correct way to create art, and this keeps Bremer grounded in that fact as well.

   His favorite work of mine is his piece entitled “Castle”. In this nude portrait, he uses a monochromatic color scheme to tie together both the figure, and the background. His newspaper clippings create amazing shadows, and highlights over the figure’s body. The perspective of the figure is also very intriguing. It draws the viewers eye to the figures face then back following the rest of her body as it recedes in space. He included just the right amount of detail in this work so, that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

In the past I have included various collage materials in my own work such as, broken cds, newspaper, and magazine clippings. His work on the other hand solely consists of newspaper, and magazine clippings. Bremer believes that his work is very free flowing. He loves the experimentation of cutting clippings out and arranging them by chance. He treats his collages as one would a painting or a drawing. Finding the perfect colored clipping to shade a figures cheek with just, as a painter would mix the perfect color. In the future, Bremer desires to create larger works focused on a combination of both acrylic, and collage. This creates smoother transitions throughout his works.

  I think what inspired me most about Bremer is his ability to juggle both his own art career, and teaching at such a young age. Aside from my concept for senior seminar, he is doing exactly what I plan to be doing someday in the near future. He has also inspired me to try some new approaches for my senior seminar pieces. When I paint, I typically begin with large blocks of color, just a Bremer uses large blocks of clippings. I plan to emphasize the painterly quality of my pieces, and maybe even play around with incorporating some newspaper into the flesh tones of my figures. He’s really made me reevaluate how I am viewing my figure’s skin, since that’s something he focuses on prominently throughout his works.


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