5th Artist Post Sayaka Ganz

Out of all my artists post she is probably the one 3D artist I found to be the most impressive.  Sayaka Ganz was born in Yokohoma, Japan, and her culture is easily identifiable in her works. She received her Bachelors of the Arts from Indiana University in Bloomington and, she currently teaches as IU Purdue University Fort Wayne in Indiana. She is definitely interested in many different forms of media in her artwork. Her pieces range from printmaking, to ceramics, sculpture, and welding. The works she is most known for are those that incorporate welding and, sculpture.

  Her artwork focuses on the concept of “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”.  Due to her faith in the Japanese Shinto way of life, Sayaka, holds the faith that every non-living item in this world can have emotions, and feelings. She sympathizes with items thrown in the trash seeing them as neglected souls, in which she rescues and, incorporates into her art. The trash that she reinstates into her artwork fits together like pieces of a puzzle in her eyes, working together in harmony to create a beautiful work of art. Most of her artworks are representational of some kind of animal whether it be birds, mammals, insects, or humans she never creates a non-living form out of her non-living media.

My favorite piece that I already investigated a bit is still her piece entitled “Emergence”. This piece focuses on two absolutely stunning horses that push themselves through the wall.  These horses are made up of simple, everyday, recyclable objects that she spray painted and welded together to form the two horses.  The illusion of movement is absolutely breathtaking in this piece. By welding together pieces that trail off the backs of the horses the concept of wind is created. Her horses are very proportional, and a bit abstract at the same time. This piece is what first drew me to Ganz’s work.


  My favorite pieces of hers are the reclaimed object sculptures. I find it amazing how she can turn simple plastic pieces found throughout garbage cans into such stunning works of art by simply spray painting, and welding them together to create an animal.  Her work “Plunge” depicts a family of penguins that seem as though they are diving through the water, pushing it aside with their fins. What I find most impressive about this work is that when viewing her penguins I immediately conjure up the background in my mind. Ganz doesn’t even have to place an elaborate background in her works because of the sense of motion, and composition she creates. The various tints of blue that cover reach of the penguins help resonate the surrounding space as water, and the trail of white that curls behind them is seen as a jetstream of bubbles they’ve created as they swim through the ocean. Another work that is similar to her “Plunge” creation is the work entitled “Stream”. In this piece she depicts a school of fish in the same manner she created her penguins.


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